48 Hours on Bondi Beach


There are many beaches across the surf soaked contours of the globe but there are some that take the cake when it comes to being exceptional from a fun based perspective. Bondi beach ranks as one of the greatest in the world.

For those of you that are unaware of the beach in question, Bondi beach is one of the most popular and eminently famous of beaches that are located in the region of Australia. It is also the most visited of all beaches in Australia. In fact, the popularity of this beach is such that it transcends the geographical boundaries of its indigenous region and extends to encapsulate the entire world. This beach holds the distinction of being featured in more movies, TV shows and postcards than any other beach in Australia.

bondi-beach-1118992_640Bondi beach receives hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. People from every nuance and sector of life, be it social, economic, rhetorical or any other come to the beach to take in its glory and scenic goodness each year. There is an influx of people that come to this one-kilometer-long beach to engage in a myriad of activities. There’s walking, jogging, and plain lounging in the sun when you choose to come to Bondi. Plus, there are a large number of events and activities that take place all year long. There are community art shows, to the more drastic and adrenaline filled competitions of surfing to name a few of these activities. Bondi Beach is without a doubt one of the busiest beaches in Australia and said potential of the beach can be ascribed to its proximity to the city of Sydney.

Bondi beach is an amazing place to be. It is a place where you can engage in a number of intensely ecstatic and enjoyable activities. For those of you curious about as to some of what the beach has to offer, read on:

  1. blue-sky-1220050_640Are you a Fitness nut? Well then this is the spot for you if you covet to exercise in an area that is beautiful and startlingly scenic while you get rid of those extra calories.
  2. Surfing and swimming in the sea are one of the most prolific of attractions when it comes to Bondi Beach.
  3. Take the scenic Coastal Walk if you want to discover other more subtly located beaches lie Tamarama, Bronte and Coogee.
  4. Take to the main street located along the beachfront. It’s called the Campbell Parade and is comprised of excellent Surfing paraphernalia shops, fashionable accessories and attire shops as well as bars and cafes to fulfill your shopping needs in style.
  5. Bondi Beach is host to numerous international and local events like the Festival of the Winds Kite Flying festival, Surf Fun Run and so on. These events are held all year long and there is no reason for you to not get in on the fun as well.

Portugal – The Ideal Family Destination

Whether you are travelling to the North or South, Portugal is an award winning destination for families and provides some truly fabulous experiences.

If you prefer to absorb the Portuguese culture you can choose from the many historic sites, castles and museums or simply take a bike ride to take in the stunning views from the vast mountains to the glorious golden beaches and tranquil seas. The kids may want to take to the zoo, theme parks and water parks where they will be kept entertained for hours making Portugal the perfect place for all ages.

Portugal is home to some of the best beaches in Europe and it is not hard to understand why!! Some beaches offer a more quiet, peaceful location whilst others are filled with huge waves which are perfect for the keen surfer. The more popular beaches will host a wide range of beautiful restaurants and bars that have some simply splendid views of the Atlantic sea.

There is a huge range of different bars and restaurants to choose from with cuisines from all around the world. Local and mediterranean cuisines may include seafood, meat dishes and different soups. Not to mention choices of different sausages and cheeses and of course fruit salads with their local fruit, especially oranges.

Adults will enjoy sampling the local wines as Portugal has a fantastic range of wine to accompany that perfect evening meal.

Whether you are looking for a family hotel or adult only hotel, there is a wealth of choice across Portugal and as well as that, you will find the locals are friendly and extremely welcoming. My favourite family hotel in Portugal is the Clube Praia da Oura in Albufeira.

We’ve been their religiously for the last 10 years. The hotel complex is ideally located, close to the shops and beach. The people who stay here along with the staff are very friendly and welcoming. The apartments are clean and large and you can choose from staying either self catering, bed & breakfast, dinner or all inclusive where you get all your meals and drinks. I would definitely recommend the hotel if you are thinking of travelling to Portugal.

Discovering the vineyards of Cape Town

Beautiful vineyards nestled within the vast lands and lush mountains of South Africa are the perfect combination of exploring, relaxing and cultural note taking. This relationship between good wine and South Africa goes back more than 350 years to the Constantia vineyard situated near Cape Town. Most of the wine regions are spread across the Northern and Western Cape making it easy for visitors to access from central town. Below is a guide to visiting wineries around the Cape – each set to tantalize your taste buds and soothe your soul.

vineyard-1219180_1920The Constantia Valley wine route has ten farms beginning just 10 minutes away from town and stretching up to Table Mountain Park which is the number one place to visit in South Africa. This valley produces some of the best reds and is famous for its sweet wine.

The Stellenbosch wine route is a bit further and bigger with over 150 farms. It is also the birth place of the Pinotage – South Africa’s signature red wine. Besides farms, you can visit the Stellenbosch University and learn about the area’s history and culture. You might want to stay here longer and enjoy some of the leisure activities.

If you’re looking for more cultural exploration, visit the Franschhoek Valley where many of the farms boast French influence. Along with good food and wine tastings, you can choose between an array of art galleries and boutiques to spend your time at and be inspired by. Of the 51 estates, 23 are under the Cap Classique route which is sure to put you in a good mood with sparkly bubbly.

These beautiful routes and their estates are more than just vineyards and wine cellars. Most offer comfortable accommodation, good restaurants and tasting tours as well as family activities. So remember to make use of the different tours and adventures.

purple-grapes-553462_1280When planning out your trip, call the farms you wish to visit a few days before to arrange for more personalized tours and to meet the actual wine-makers, instead of just the tour guides. Call again a day before to reserve a picnic spot or a place at the restaurant to avoid long queues and get seating with a view. This is especially important if you’ll be visiting during the summer time. Also plan in such a way that you spend at least an hour on each farm – this means arriving at your last destination roughly 1.5 hours before closing.

Once you’re there, take at least one guided tour of the fields and the cellars for a fuller experience. Make sure to have a designated driver if you plan on heading back to the town at night. It’s important to stay safe and almost all estates have accommodation if you want to stay the night.

Along with memories of lush vines, you might want to take your tasting glass from the winery as a souvenir of the trip. And as gifts for your friends and family back home, be sure to pick up some wine bottles!

Turkey have announced  submarine trips  in Antalya 

The problem in the Turkish tourism, which came with all of the unfortunate events, is getting bigger by each new day. Tourists from Russia have already canceled their arrangements, as many other tourists from Europe, exceptionally from Germany, after terrorist attacks in which 11 German citizens have been killed. These events caused great disbelieve in predicting a good tourist income for Turkey. But, tourist organizations from Turkey won’t give up that easily. One tourist organization from Antalya came up to one great idea which, they hope, will help them to cope with this unwanted situation- A 48-seat submarine.


“Nemo”, as they have named the submarine, will give guests an opportunity feel the real excitement while they are crossing the Mediterranean at 130 feet under the surface. This seems like an extraordinary idea, but it is not just an idea, it is the real thing now. This huge giant craft had been built in Finland and completely renovated in the shipbuilding firm in Spain. If you want to find out more about this topic don’t hesitate to contact Liberty hotels Lykia.

This could be the thing that Turkey just needed to attract tourist from all around the world, not just Europe.


If you are claustrophobic, this kind of an adventure is out of option, but if you are not and have an adventurous nature, “Nemo” seems to be a good choice.

Yunus Emre Yavuzyiğit, the chairman of a company that stands behind this project- HIS Travel and Touristfly, said for Anadolu Agency that he considered this project as the one of the most important when it comes to alternative tourist projects. As we heard from the unofficial source, this ambitious project will cost around 4 million dollars. That is how this is important for Antalya tourism. We also have heard from the officials, they hope that this project can give a new life to the tourism industry, and save the season.

The main problem from Turkey and its tourism, and for Antalya’s tourism is the fact that tourists from Russia won’t come this year, and if political situation, which is not so good at the moment, doesn’t change, tourists from Russia shouldn’t be expected in the next few years. This is a huge blow for tourism in this country. Tourists from Russia were the almost half of the total number of tourists that stayed in Turkey for the summer season and their absence won’t be that easy to ignore.

But, as the government officials are trying to make things more complicated, the people from tourism industry are fighting their own fights in order to attract more people to this part of Mediterranean – that is why this idea of the submarine tour under ocean is really important. As they have announced, the underwater tours are planned to start in April from Antalya, this underwater tours will last for 11 months, but this is not all.

The company that creates this adventure, has a plan to buy more of these submarines in 2017, which will give more opportunity for increasing the numbers of tourist for years ahead.

Romantic Venice on a gondola

Travel through Venice on an amazing gondola

The floating city of Venice is covered with beautiful tall buildings, resting in the calm blue waters, gleaming with the golden stars. An excursion to Venice will not complete without an elegant and quixotic sashay. Cruising down the Grand Canal in a beautifully cabined Venetian gondola is unbelievably romantic. The dreamy and soothing ride of the gondola unveils the ardor, pleasure, thrill and the attraction Venice wears.

The enchanting gondola ride is a must to do experience. You will spend an unforgettable day and cherish each moment of the cruise passing through the tapered alleys of the waterway and the historic grand buildings painting the scenery with vibrant colors. You will love slithering through the serene waters, along the cafes, under the galleries, beneath the bridges that embrace the sightseers. Filming the pulsating, Venetian streets that touch the dramatic and astonishing milieu of extravagantly, elaborated and attractive buildings, open the gate of history. The perfect cruise experience of the evening completes with a candlelight dinner with breathtaking and lively city views and palaces through the waterway.

italy-1315871_640The luxury car, the gondola is painted in black, ornamentally adorned with comfortable seats under the cabins with blankets and comforters to enjoy some special time. These classic gondola rides in Venice are expensive. A gondolier in his traditional straw hat propels the boat, providing special services by singing Italian songs and narrating the history of the buildings and palaces. Gondolas from history were driven for the upper class, thus the class and service offered is exclusive and elegant. A gondolier invests about 20,000 Euros for a hand-build wooden boat with the patterned and decorative embellishments appealing the riders.

The royal cruise dances on the floating river narrating tales of life and history. First time sightseers eagerly want to cruise the Grand Canal that receives the tourists. The wonderful water-traffic hallway of Venice is the longest river of the world. The magnificent and vast waterway channel is decorated with the palatial homes of the rich, decked with canvases and colorful pieces of art work. The complex porticos were influenced by the mercantile from the East that made Venice affluent. The floating rooms, sail through the bridges of Accademia, Rialto and Scalzi. Rialto being the most famous grasps all the tourist attraction. Resting on these, you will love to see building materials, fruits and vegetables and several other things float to the other end, as the “city of water” doesn’t depend on cars and the transportation of goods is done through the water channel that also makes it the “city of canals”.

canal-1209808_640The narrow windows of the traditional palaces line the canal magnificently. The ancient and colorful, structural designs of these apartments and homes run to the St. Mark’s Square, also known as Piazza San Marco. The city’s central attraction is the most striking when approaching from the river side, the heritage since centuries, informs everyone that Venice was once a potent and influential maritime state. Also known as the drawing room of Europe, next to Saint Mark Cathedral rests the Palazzo Duacle. The beautiful Doge’s Palace survives with lavish and intricate law courts, patios, majestic flight of stairs, administrative offices, ballrooms and even the prisoner’s area. It is one of the top rated tourist attractions of the beautiful, elegant and blooming Venice.